if my participant cannot attend the session they are registered for, can we attend at another time? Participants must attend the session they signed up for during registration until further notice.  MY CHILD HAS ALREADY PLAYED GOLF. WHAT LEVEL SHOULD THEY CHOOSE? All participants, regardless of golf knowledge and experience, start at the PLAYer level. The reason for this is the First Tee’s proprietary curriculum, called the Life Skills Experience, is not just about golf skills, but Core Values and Life Skills integrated with golf skills and knowledge. If your child has played golf before, or is already competitive, please contact your Program Director to discuss their progress through our program.


All equipment is provided, but if your child has his/her own clubs, you are encouraged to bring them.


Participants should wear golf appropriate attire which includes a collared shirt and tennis shoes.  If your participant needs assistance getting a collared shirt, contact Aaron Wall at [email protected] or (785) 341-1992

My child’s birthday is in the middle of the session, can they participate in the higher level?

Yes!  As long as your participant meets to minimum required age during the program session they can participant in the higher level.

I have siblings who would be in different classes can’t I just have them participate together?

Much like other sports, we require participants to participate in their age range.  This will create a better experience for each of your children as the lessons they will receive will be reflective of their ability to process the skills they learn on and off the golf course.

My child has been playing golf for many years, will they be stuck in a class with brand new golfers? Or vice versa

Through the First Tee’s Coach’s Program our instructors are taught to deliver our classes in a mastery-driven environment, meeting young people where they are and getting the best out of them and their golf skills. There may be a wide range of ages in one session, but participants will be grouped by age and ability within that session.

If my child is 7, will they be receiving the same exact lesson every season until they turn 9?

No. Each season, our coaches mix up their lesson plans to continue to create a fun and engaging experience working to improve each child’s proficiency of their golf skills.  While our core values, life skills, and healthy habit remain the same, our coaches will work with participants to create a learning environment that exposes young people to the skill, then get them to apply the skills, to finally mastering the skill on and off the golf course.  This process takes time and cannot be mastered in one 6 week session.

My child progressed to a higher level in First Tee in the past.  What happens now?

Based upon your child’s age, they will be in a class where they will be receiving the curriculum that meets the cognitive ability of their age.  Our objective is to allow them to master both the golf skills and life skills they learn through the curriculum.  Participants will periodically be exposed to checkpoints during the session to track their improvements on a season to season basis.